No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man

Every year over 75,000 people travel to Nevada’s Black Rock Dessert and erect a city from the dust for just one week. While the temporary city known as Burning Man “leaves no trace,” the gigantic experimental art installations created for the festival now live on in Washington DC.

Take a trip to the Renwick Gallery to experience the culture of Burning Man (without the dust). From now until January 21, 2019 No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man has taken over the entire Renwick Gallery building and the surrounding neighborhood. Nora Atkinson, the museum’s Lloyd Herman Curator of Craft, says, “‘No Spectators’ is a long-standing saying on Playa. You are encouraged to fully participate. It’s all about being there, being fully present, and not just observing. Two of the ten principles of Burning Man are radical participation and radical inclusivity, meaning that there are no outsiders. Everyone is part of the experience.”

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