New Year, New Workout

The New Year marks a time to reset your goals and try new things when it comes to fitness. At Argentta Spa, in The Watergate Hotel, we believe that travel should not interrupt health or fitness. This is why we offer a fully equipped fitness center, indoor pool, and personal trainers for our guests. One of our favorite pieces of equipment that you might want to try is The Total Body Board. 

The Total Body Board is a single piece of fitness equipment that meets all the multi-faceted needs when it comes to fitness. It utilizes resistance bands to intensify your workout. The bands challenge your muscles by creating resistance in multiple directions. You must stabilize your core against this resistance to maintain the correct movement pattern for each exercise. The result is increased strength in the targeted muscle group.

Book a personal training session during your stay to try something new in 2019. Call (202) 838-4503 to book your session. 


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